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Books published as results of Alfa Tuning Latin America Project: Innovation and Social Education in English Version (2011-2014)

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Final Report of the Tuning Project Results for Administration Subject Area

Higher Education in Latin America: reflections and perspectives on Administration
César Esquetini Cáceres (editor)
César Esquetini Cáceres, Mabel Becerra Urquidi, Bernardina Cisternas Arapio, Beatriz Guinovart Firpo, Guilherme Marback Neto, Calixto Mendoza Roca, Gustavo Pereda Lecuna, Marcio Sierra Varela, Sergey Udolkin Dakova, Ricardo Uribe Marín, Bárbara Valle Torres and Adán Vaquerano Amaya

This document was prepared and agreed upon within the framework of Tuning Latin America by representatives from universities and bodies in charge of higher education participating in the project. English version

An Assessment Model for Responsible University Social Innovation (RUSI)(summarised version)

An Assessment Model for Responsible University Social Innovation (RUSI) (summarised version)
Aurelio Villa (editor)
Aurelio Villa, Enrique Arnau, Christian Cabezas, Rita Cancino, Norberto Fernández-Lamarra, Carolina Greising, Elsiana Guido, Chantal Jouannet, Claudia Lucía Mora, Mercedes Morales, Oswaldo Orellana, Carmen Salazar, Daniela Sánchez, Vera Solís, Milton Trujillo, Javier Villar, Ana Luisa López

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